Master of Arts in Global Humanitarian Diplomacy (GHD)

This program is delivered in Indonesian language.
This program is not offered in 2023/2024 Academic Year.

Global Humanitarian Diplomacy (GHD) was created by the needs to provide an academic framework for professionals who have concerns on humanitarian issues. As a humanitarian crisies become a real threat to the life of human beings, this global problem certainly demands a more systematized way of understanding the crisis. In order to gain comprehensive knowledge on the problem as well as its solution, this program offers two main approaches to dealing with such a problem: academic and practical approaches. The curriculum of this program is carefully designed to fulfil the needs of those who wish to work in the field of humanitarianism both academically and professionally.


This master’s program will bring together academicians, bureaucrats, humanitarian workers, as well as fresh graduates who have strong interest in our program.

Structure of the Curriculum

Semester I (18 credits)

Courses Number of Credits
1.   Diplomacy 3
2.   Research Methods 3
3.  Perspectives in Global Politics 3
4.  Humanitarianism and IR Theories 3
5.  Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law 3
6.  Conflict Analysis 3


 Semester II (18 credits)

Courses Number of Credits
1.         The Politics of Humanitarian Action in International Relations 3
2.      International Peace Operations 3
3.      Peace Building and Reconstruction of Society 3
4.      Management in Humanitarian Action 3
5.      Disaster and Development 3
6.    Seminar on Global Humanitarian Diplomacy 3


Semester III (9 credits)

Courses Number of Credits
1.      Thesis   9 / 6*
2.      Independent Study (optional) 3

*Thesis is counted for 6 credits if taken together with Independent Study


Total credits that must be completed for the degree: 45

This program will be held if it fulfills the minimum quota of 7 (seven) students