Introduction from Our Head of Department

Welcome to the official webpage of the Department of International Relations at Universitas Gadjah Mada!

Founded in 1957, the Department of International Relations at UGM is the oldest institution to teach International Relations in Indonesia. We have provided education, performed research, and served the community in a variety of issues and locations. We also have produced several alumni to contribute to the development of this nation, especially in main aspects that fall within the field, such as diplomacy and foreign policy.

The Department of International Relations at UGM is currently comprised of two study programs (Prodi), namely Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, as well as a “research laboratory” called the Institute of International Studies. The Undergraduate Program in International Relations is consistently one of the most sought-after programs in the admission process. Our Undergraduate program provides opportunities for the best and brightest young generation to join the regular or (since 2011) the international one. Students are to choose to focus on one of three concentrations: Global Politics and Security, Peace and Conflict Studies, and International Political Economy and Development – plus several region-based elective classes.

Since 2003, our Graduate Program has offered advanced studies in the field of International Relations. Students can delve deeper into their study or make it more specific in Global Trade Diplomacy and Global Humanitarian Diplomacy concentrations. Meanwhile, the Institute of International Studies facilitates research, advocacy, and publishing, all serving to further promote the development of our Department.

The Department consistently works to create an educational environment that is both healthy and comfortable, being enhanced by the spirit of IR ROAR! The spirit translates into Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Open-mindedness (for diversity), Awareness (for healthy relations, including a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of violence, especially sexual violence), and Recognition (protecting our credibility and the tradition of earning achievements). Lecturers, students, and staff of the Department of International Relations at UGM are consistently reminded to always uphold those values for our common good.

I invite the visitors of this page as well as all International Relations practitioners to work together towards a just, peaceful, and civilized global society.

Thank you.

Head, Department of International Relations

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Nur Rachmat Yuliantoro