A step closer to lecturers

Each lecturer has their own expertise and research interests. Get to know the profiles of lecturers at the Department of International Relations, FISIPOL, UGM.

Prof. Dr. Ichlasul Amal

Comparative politics | Democracy | Human Security

Prof. Dr. Mohtar Mas'oed

International Political Economy | International Relations Theories | Political Economy and Development

Usmar Salam, M.Int.Stu

Japanese Politics | International Law | Tourism in IR

Dr. Siti Muti'ah Setiawati, MA

Islamic World Studies | Middle Eastern Studies | European Union Studies | Indonesian Foreign Policy

Siti Daulah Khoiriati, MA

International Political Development and Cooperation | Japanese Studies

Dr. Dafri Agussalim

Human Rights Studies | ASEAN Studies | International Security

Muhadi Sugiono, MA

European Studies | Humanitarianism

Dr. Ririn Tri Nurhayati

Interational Humanitarian Law | Minority Studies

Dr. Nur Rachmat Yuliantoro

Chinese Politics | Political Corruption Studies | American Foreign Policy | International Politics

Prof. Dr. Poppy Sulistyaning Winanti

International Political Economy | Regional Economic Integration | World Trade Organization | Governance in Extractive Industries

Dr. diah kusumaningrum

Nonviolent Resistance | Gender Studies | Peacebuilding | Ethnic Conflict

Dr. Maharani Hapsari

Environmental Politics | Humanitarianism

Dr. Rochdi Mohan Nazala

International Security | Indonesian Foreign Policy

Titik Firawati, MA

Peace and Conflict Studies

Dr. Dedy Permadi

International Political Economy and Cooperation | International Relations in Digital Era

Suci Lestari Yuana, MIA

Innovation Governance | Platform Economy | Discourse Analysis

Dr. Muhammad Rum

ASEAN Studies | International Cooperation Studies | Southeast Asian Regionalism Studies

Dr. Randy Wirasta Nandyatama

International Regime | Chinese Politics | ASEAN Studies | Human Rights Studies

Dr. Luqman-nul Hakim

Political Islam | Political Theories | Comparative Studies in Political Economy of Development | Post-Structural

Dr. Atin Prabandari

Humanitarianism | Politics of Emotions | Border Politics

Ayu Diasti Rahmawati, MA

Memory of Reconciliation | Nonviolence and Democracy | Peace Studies

Yunizar Adiputera, MA

Humanitarian Studies | Diplomacy | Perlucutan Senjata | Refugee and Forced Migration

Treviliana Eka Putri, MIntSec

International Security Studies | Cyber Security

Muhammad Irfan Ardhani, MIR

Foreign Policy | Politics of Development | Postcolonialism

Marwa, MSc

International Development | Environmental Justice | Global Water Governance

Rizky Alif Alvian, MIR

International Order | International Security | Religion in World Politics | South-South Cooperation

Yulida Nuraini Santoso, MSc

ASEAN Studies | Regionalism | Political Security

Raras Cahya Fitri, MSc

International Political Economy

Arindha Nityasari, MCyberSecAnalysis

Cyber Security