The IR UGM Department uses classrooms that are representative of the FISIPOL UGM learning environment.


Participants in the UGM IR Department are provided access to a number of library facilities, including the university library, the IR Department library, as well as the FISIPOL library. Free access to certified international journals can be obtained through the  Online Database service on the UGM library website.


Currently, nearly all computer platforms in the Universitas Gadjah Mada campus grounds have been provided with access to 5 Mbps broadband Internet managed by Pusat Komputer UGM. In addition, several spots around the FISIPOL UGM campus grounds have been equipped with wireless internet facilities.

Other Facilities

Other available facilities, both on campus grounds as well as closer to the Yogyakarta urban area, include:

  1. Lobby area which doubles as a discussion and working space for students, next to the 5th floor administration area.
  2. Waiting Area and Pigeon Hole message boxes in the BC building corridor, 5th
  3. Other available facilities, both on campus grounds as well as elsewhere in the Yogyakarta urban area, include medical services (Gadjah Mada Medical Center, RS Sardjito, RS Panti Rapih, RS Bethesda, RS Mata Dr. Yap), banking services (Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, Bank Niaga dan Bank Danamon), post and courier services, and bookstores (Gramedia, Social Agency).