To become a department that develops education and serves the community based on research in the field of international relations with a commitment to a just, peaceful, and civilized global society.


In accordance with the vision above, the missions of the Department of International Relations, based on the Tri Dharma Principles for Higher Education, are as follows:

  1. Executing research and studies that are theoretically oriented or aimed at solving practical issues;
  2. Organizing an education process that is both innovative and collaborative;
  3. Advocating the values of justice, peace, and civility through action, reflection, and emancipation;
  4. Establishing educational, research, and community service facilities in accordance with technological advances;
  5. Creating an academic environment that encourages students and faculty members to aim for higher achievements;
  6. Implementing good university governance.


To ensure students graduated with expected learning outcomes (ELO) as follows:

  1. explain peace, justice, and civility
  2. appraise basic concepts and recent developments in the field of IR
  3. develop critical thinking and determination to learn beyond the classroom
  4. develop awareness, solidarity, creativity, and nonviolent activism as responses to social, political, economic, and cultural issues affected by international relations
  5. formulate ideas eloquently in written, oral, and multimedia formats
  6. participate and take leadership in multicultural interactions, including in foreign political, social, economic, and cultural systems
  7. perform diplomacy, negotiation, mediation, and facilitation