La Trobe University

La Trobe University is situated in Bundoora, Melbourne. Given the courses’ schedules, students concentrating in Global Politics and Security and in Peace and Conflict Studies are advised to apply for the Fall semester. Meanwhile, those focusing on International Political Economy are recommended to take the Spring semester.

Program: Student Exchange



1 Semester


Minimum GPA:



paid at home



2 students /year

Minimum TOEFL:

79 (IBT)

Living cost:

± AUD 1,200


Semester 1
1st October (previous
year) Minimum IELTS: Insurance:
Semester 2 (July- 6.0
15 March (the same

Entry Requirements                  

  • Students must be officially nominated by Home in- stitution before student completes the
  • La Trobe University online application form must be submitted along with the following supporting documents: 1 academic reference, 1 page personal statement (why you would like to study on exchange at La Trobe University), official academic transcript (to be sent by the IUP-IR office), proof of English proficiency (where required, to be sent by the IUP-IR office).
  • All students must have an official nomination from their home university to be eligible for exchange at La Trobe University

Fees and Living Cost                 

Tuition fee waived by host institution, paid at home institution Living cost ± AUD 1,200 /month

Accommodation                  AUD 600 – 900 /month

Meals                                     AUD 200 – 300 /month

Transportation                    AUD 100 /month

  Credit Transfer               

La Trobe University







80% -100% A Grade Pass 80% – 100% A
70% – 79% B Grade Pass 75% – 79% B+
70% -74% B
60% – 69% C Grade Pass 65% – 69% B-
60% – 64% B/C


50% – 59%


D Grade Pass

58% – 59% C+
56% – 57% C
53% – 55% C-
50% – 52% C/D
0% – 49% Fail <49% D
0% E

Courses Offered                           

(15 credits at La Trobe = 6 SKS at UGM)

States, Security and IR

IR and the Global Economy

Migration Stories in Global Context

Intro to Asia: Japan and Indonesia

Australian Foreign Policy

Making of Modern Europe

Nations & States

Intro to Asia: China and India

Democracies & Dictatorships: Intro to Comparative Politics

Global Environmental Politics

Global Environmental Politics

Global Development Studies

The Making of Modern Asia

Government and Politics of SEA

Globalisation and Development

Democracy Recession

American Politics

Contemporary Politics of the ASPAC