Publication and Dissemination Division

Publication and Dissemination Division consists of two units. The Publication Unit carries four key functions. First, administering the process of publishing, including conducting a rigorous and timely peer-review for the submitted manuscripts both from Institute of International Studies (IIS) researchers and external contributors. Second, managing the Indonesian Journal of International Studies (IJIS). Third, handling IIS Bookshop, and mini-library owned by the Department of International Relations Universitas Gadjah Mada. Fourth, maintaining the circulation of IIS Brief that issued every month.

Meanwhile, the Dissemination Unit performs in three areas: first, conducting dissemination programs, such as monthly discussion, seminar, and public lecture. Second, maintaining the institution’s social presence through social media platforms, ranging from Facebook, Instagram, LINE Official Account, to Twitter. The subdivision staffs also take on the responsibility of managing the institution’s official website. Third, archiving IIS in the Press material consisted of the news, opinions, and articles about IIS or written by its researchers published in the mass media.

The division is coordinated under guidance of Nurhawira Gigih Pramono, S.I.P. He can be reached via

Social Media

IJIS (Indonesian Journal of International Studies)

IJIS (Indonesian Journal of International Studies) is a biannual journal published by the Institute of International Studies UGM. The journal is dedicated to analyse and to comprehend various topics from interdisciplinary perspectives, as well as to disseminate new insights in international affairs. We accept manuscripts in the form of research outcomes (field or literary research), book review, and articles reflecting phenomena or conceptual thoughts in International Relations studies.


As a research arm, IIS UGM performs editing and publishing manual manuscripts into several outputs, namely: books, monographs, and reports. The publishing process involves the IIS UGM researchers, lecturers of the Department of International Relations of UGM, and research partners.

IIS Brief

IIS Brief discusses recent events or issues related to the study of International Relations in a concise format. Author may write short analysis on specific issue, extraction of undergoing research, or ideas and conceptual development in regards to particular studies.

Submitted draft should extract the essence of any complex detail or academic debates so the readers could easily perceive the core of the issue and author’s arguments. Any manuscripts could be submitted to in editable format with [IIS Brief] included in the email subject.

IIS in the Press

IIS in the Press is a collection of articles and statements made by the Department of International Relations and Institute of International Studies UGM’s staffs that quoted in mass media.

Any opinions included in this archives are solely individual expression and does not necessarily represent official policy of the IR UGM or IIS UGM