There are various paths to learn IRs. Each approach has indeed offered different focus and analytical model to explain how global politics works and transforms. To the proponents of structural realism, for example, the way to learn IR is to comprehend how great powers compete and create distinct global structure that forces other countries to formulate strategies, alliances and behaviors. ….

Mariola Sophie Yansverio
 Against Femicide: Mexican Feminists Departure from State Institutions
M. Rafindra Setiawan
 The Birth of A Counter-Hegemony in The Indian General Strike and Farmer Strikes of 2020-2021
Kinaryossy Diva Ametishya
 Climate Crisis and The Extinction Rebellion Movement: A Missed Opportunities?
Adine Almira
 Free The Nipple: Seeking Equality Through Bodily Identity
Safira Tafani Cholisi
 The New Emerging Women’s Movement in South Korea: Campaigns and Protest in 2015-2018