Scholarship Opportunity for International Student

As a commitment to be a world class university, Universitas Gadjah Mada tries to provide the best possible access for international students in getting scholarship. Gadjah Mada International Fellowship Program scholarship is granted to selected students (Full-time Masters Degree, Dual/Double Degree Masters, Full-time Doctoral Program). GMIF scholarship covers insurance, tuition fee, living allowance, theses and dissertation research, housing, etc.

Besides offering GMIF, UGM also cooperate with Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture and other institution to offer KNB Scholarship, JICA AUN/Seed-Net, Darmasiswa Scholarship Program, etc.

About GMIF

The Gadjah Mada International Fellowship (GMIF) program is a scholarship offered by Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) to international students coming from, but not limited to, ASEAN member countries (excluding Indonesia), South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and other countries that manage to demonstrate the need of financial assistance.

This program is dedicated for designated full-time and dual degree Master and Doctoral degree by coursework and research. The purpose of GMIF program is to encourage potential candidates with excellent academic performance who wish to pursue Master and Doctoral Program in any relevant and agreed field. Those with specific competence such as researchers, policy makers or professionals will be prioritized in the application.

Number of Fellowship

The number of fellowship for each year may vary. Since 2018 GMIF has offered around 10 fully funded fellowship for full-time master degree and 5 doctoral degree program each year. In 2020 GMIF began offering 5 partial fellowship for full-time master degree program.


The GMIF Full Coverage Program covers:

  1. Waived tuition fee (2 semesters for Double Degree Program, 4 semesters for Master Program and 6 semesters for Doctoral Program)
  2. Living allowance expenses according to Yogyakarta rate (1 semester for Indonesian Language Program /INCULS only for those who enroll in the INCULS Program, 4 semesters for Master Program and 6 semesters for Doctoral Program)
  3. A round-trip international airfare (economy class)
  4. Health insurance during the fellowship program
  5. Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) during the fellowship program.
  6. Thesis research fund of Rp10.000.000 for Master Program and Rp15.000.000 for Doctoral Program

The GMIF Partial Coverage Program covers:

  1. Waived tuition fee (2 semesters for Double Degree Program, 4 semesters for Master Program)
  2. 1 semester for Indonesial Language Program/INCULS (blended learning system) only for those who enroll in the INCULS Program
  3. A round-trip international airfare (direct economy class)
  4. Health insurance during the fellowship program
  5. Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) during the fellowship program
  6. Thesis research fund of Rp10.000.000 for Master Program
  7. Students must cover their own living expenses during their study in Indonesia. The average cost of living expenses in Yogyakarta is USD 210 (2020).



GMIF is currently not receiving new applicants since 2021 until further notice. Information about previous GMIF application can be read at the UGM’s Office of International Affairs page as followed: Admission GMIF

Useful Links

UGM WCU website:

OIA UGM website:

About KNB Scholarship

Beasiswa Kemitraan Negara Berkembang, popularly known as KNB Scholarship, is a prestigious scholarship program offered by the government of Republic of Indonesia to selected applicants originating from developing countries. Managed by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, the scholarship has been disbursed since 2006 to 1,608 recipients from 97 countries.

The role of KNB Scholarship, has been central in supporting Indonesian higher education institutions in their endeavor for internationalization. The number of international students is indicative of global visibility of higher education institutions. In support of Indonesian universities’ internationalization and to accommodate the increasing interests from applicants all around the world, the number of scholarships being awarded every year has continued to grow.

The scholarship has also been continuing to expand its partnership with reputable public and private universities in the country. In doing so, the scholarship has been sustaining the quality improvement of Indonesian higher education institutions in order to meet the standards of internationally reputable universities.


  1. Download the KNB Scholarship Offering Letter from the KNB Scholarship website.
  2. Submit the Invitation letter, Passport, Academic Certificates and Academic Transcripts to the Indonesian Embassy or Indonesian Consulate to acquire the recommendation letter. For more information about address, phone number, e-mail or website indonesian embassy in your country, you can check from this link :
  3. Complete the online application process.
  4. Selection process.
  5. The Selection Results will be broadcasted online through the KNB Scholarship Website and officially announced through the Indonesian Embassy publication network.


General Requirements
  1. The maximum age to apply for the scholarship is 35 years old.
  2. Hold a bachelor degree (please provide the scanned degree certi?cate and academic transcripts in English). Please be advised that master degree holder is not eligible to apply for the Master Degree scholarship.
  3. Have at least the IBT TOEFL score of 80, or IELTS score of 6.0, or TOEIC score of 700 (the certi?cate must be obtained within the last 2 Years).
  4. Provide the recommendation letter to apply for the KNB scholarship from the Indonesian Embassy or the Indonesian Consulate General.
  5. Provide recommendation letter to apply for the KNB scholarship from The employer/immediate supervisor.
  6. Provide Academic Recommendation Letter from previous schools.
  7. Prove of citizenship (O?cial Passport or Personal ID).
  8. Complete the online application form in


Useful Links


Download KNB Scholarship Guide.

Download KNB Scholarship Offer Letter.


About Darmasiswa Scholarship

DARMASISWA is a scholarship program open to all international students from countries having diplomatic ties to Indonesia who wish to study Bahasa Indonesia, art, and culture. Participants can choose from a number of universities in Indonesia’s various cities. The Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) is organizing this program in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

The program started in 1972 as part of the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) initiative, only admitting ASEAN students back then. The program was then extended in 1976 to students from countries outside ASEAN such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and USA. To date, the DARMASISWA program has 9110 participants from 135 countries over 72 colleges.

The application for DARMASISWA will start in early January and ends in early March.


General Requirements

Each applicant has to fulfill the following qualifications:

  1. Foreign nationals.
  2. Completed secondary education or its equivalent.
  3. Minimum age 18 years and Not older than 27 years of age.
  4. Able to communicate in English (Proven by English Language Proficiency Certificate : TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS or OTHER CERTIFICATE if applicable).
  5. In good health as proven by Medical Certificate.
  6. Have basic knowledge of the applied field.
  7. Have strong interest to learn the applied field.
  8. Not registered as Darmasiswa’s Alumni.
  9. Not currently studying in Indonesia.
  10. Not currently working in Indonesia.


Required Documents

Applicant must access, complete the online application form, and upload the following files:

  1. Curriculum vitae/resume.
  2. Medical certificate.
  3. Passport valid at least 18 months from the time of applying.
  4. Recommendation Letter from Education Institution / Professional Institution on official letterhead and with signature (in English).
  5. Last academic transcript and certificates (in English).
  6. Language certificate.
  7. Certificates related to the applied field (if applicable).
  8. Photo passport (color).
  9. Essay about applicant’s purpose of study (in English or Bahasa Indonesia maximum 500 words).
  10. A full body video that shows applicant explaining her/his motivation to join the program and what she/he will contribute as an ambassador of Indonesian culture after graduating (video must not exceed 2 minutes duration and can be in English or Indonesian).


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Regulation and Guidelines: