21 December 2018 By @dm1n

Dr. Patrick Tim Ziegenhain

Dr. Patrick Tim Ziegenhain

Public Lecture: ASEAN-EU Relations (Achievements, Challenges, and Perspectives)

Department of International relations recently held a public lecture inviting Dr. Patrick Tim Ziegenhain from Asia-Europe Institute, University Malaya, to speak on the ASEAN-EU Relations (Achievements, Challenges, and Perspectives). The Head of the Department of International Relations, Dr. Nur Rachmat Yuliantoro attended the event and presented a welcoming speech. In addition, the Head of Graduate Program in International Relations UGM, Dr. Siti Mutiah Setiawati also took part in the event.

A total of 45 students from Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR), Global Humanitarian Diplomacy (GHD), and Global Trade Diplomacy (GTD) participated in the two-hour lecture. At the end of the session, a lot of questions were addressed to Dr. Ziegenhain.

Editor: Novi Dwi Asrianti