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Ulrika Waaranperä

Ulrika Waaranperä

Dr. Ulrika Waaranperä is a Senior Lecturer of Political Science in Malmo University and Lund University, Sweden. She has expertise on gender and development studies. In November – December 2018, she visited UGM in response to a visit by IR UGM lecturers to Malmo University, which was represented by Dr. Riza Noer Arfani and Dr. Poppy Sulistyaning Winanti.

During her visit to IR UGM for two weeks, Dr. Waaranperä had an opportunity to give lectures in several classes of undergraduate and graduate program of IR UGM. Some of the classes included Introduction to International Relations, State Formation of Africa, Gender and Politics, and Political Economy and Development.

In accordance to her expertise, Dr. Waaranperä gave lectures about property rights and feminist criticism in IR. Not only teaching in classes,Dr. Waaranperä also filled in as a guest lecturer in a public lecture which was entitled “Critique of the dominant perspective on property rights”.

Writer: Melisa Rahmania
Editor: Novi Dwi Asrianti