List of Courses

UPIR UGM’s courses are organized as follows. While course syllabi can be accessed by clicking the course titles bellow, a short description of each course is provided in a separate booklet.

Semester 1
No. Regular Program International Program Credits
Courses Code Courses Code
1 Ilmu Sosial Dasar SPU1100 Social Sciences: The Basics SPU1100IUP 3
2 Pengantar Ilmu Politik SPU1101 Introduction to Political Science SPU1101IUP 3
3 Sejarah Sosial Politik Indonesia SPU1103 Indonesian Social and Political History SPU1103IUP 3
4 Sistem Sosial Politik Indonesia SPU1102 Indonesian Social and Political Systems SPU1102IUP 3
5 Pengantar Ilmu Hubungan Internasional SPB1101 Introduction to International Relations SPB1101IUP 3
6 Diplomasi SPB1102 Diplomacy SPB1102IUP 3
7 Organisasi Internasional SPB1103 International Organization SPB1103IUP 3
8 Penulisan Akademik SPU1105 Academic Writing SPU1105IUP 2
9 PPSMB SPU1001 Campus Orientation SPU1001 1
Total Credits 24
Semester 2
No. Regular Program  International Program Credits
Courses Code Courses Code
10 Teori-teori Hubungan Internasional (Dasar) SPB1204 Theories of International Relations (Basic) SPB1204IUP 3
11 Politik Internasional SPB1205 International Politics SPB1205IUP 3
12 Ekonomi Politik Internasional SPB1206 International Polical Economy SPB1206IUP 3
13 Pengantar Studi Perdamaian SPB1207 Introduction to Peace Studies SPB1207IUP 3
14 Hukum Internasional SPB1208 International Law SPB1208IUP 3
15 Studi Kawasan: AMEURO SPB1209 Area Studies: AMEURO SPB1209IUP 3
16 Studi Kawasan: AFROMEAS SPB1210 Area Studies: AFROMEAS SPB1210IUP 3
17 Studi Kawasan: ASPAC SPB1211 Area Studies: ASPAC SPB1211IUP 3
Total Credits 24


Semester 3

In the 3rd semester, each student choses a concentration (Global Politics and Security, Peace and Conflict Studies, or International Political Economy and Development). In doing so, s/he commits to the 9 elective courses offered by the concentration of her/his choice. These 9 courses are taught in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th semesters.

No. Regular Program International Program Credits
Courses Code Courses Code
18 Politik Luar Negeri Indonesia SPB2312 Indonesian Foreign Policy SPB2312IUP 3
19 Metode Riset Hubungan Internasional (Dasar) SPB2313 Research Methods in International Relations (Basic) SPB2313IUP 3
20 Pilihan: Studi Kawasan 1 Elective: Area Studies 1 3
21 Pilihan: Studi Kawasan 2 Elective: Area Studies 2 3
22 Pilihan: Studi Kawasan 3 Elective: Area Studies 3 3
23 Teori Politik Luar Negeri SPB2317 Theory of Foreign Policy SPB2317IUP [3 GPS]
24 Teori Politik Internasional SPB2318 Theory of International Politics SPB2318IUP [3 GPS]
25 Gerakan Sosial Global SPB2319 Global Social Movements SPB2319IUP [3 GPS]
23 Konflik: Analisis dan Transformasi SPB2320 Conflict: Analysis and Transformation SPB2320IUP [3 PCS]
24 Negosiasi dan Resolusi Konflik SPB2321 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution SPB2321IUP [3 PCS]
25 Hukum Humaniter Internasional SPB2322 International Humanitarian Law SPB2322IUP [3 PCS]
23 Ekonomi Internasional SPB2323 International Economics SPB2323IUP [3 IPED]
24 Ekonomi Politik Globalisasi SPB2324 Political Economy of Globalization SPB2324IUP [3 IPED]
25 Ekonomi Politik Pembangunan SPB2325 Political Economy of Development SPB2325IUP [3 IPED]
Total Credits 24
Semester 4
No. Regular Program International Program Credits
Courses Code Courses Code
26 Teori-teori Hubungan Internasional (Lanjutan) SPB2414 Theories of International Relations (Advanced) SPB2414IUP 3
27 Pilihan: Studi Kawasan 4 Elective: Area Studies 4 3
28 Pilihan: Studi Kawasan 5 Elective: Area Studies 5 3
29 Studi-studi Agama Religious Studies 2
30 Kewarganegaraan UNU1240 Citizenship UNU1240IUP 2
31 Pancasila UNU1100 Pancasila UNU1100IUP 2
32 Pengantar Studi Hak Asasi Manusia SPB2426 Introduction to Human Rights Studies SPB2426IUP [3 GPS]
33 Studi Keamanan Internasional SPB2427 International Security Studies SPB2427IUP [3 GPS]
34 Strategi SPB2428 Strategy SPB2428IUP [3 GPS]
32 Militer dan Politik SPB2429 Military and Politics SPB2429IUP [3 PCS]
33 Studi Nirkekerasan SPB2430 Nonviolence Studies SPB2430IUP [3 PCS]
34 Binadamai SPB2431 Peacebuilding SPB2431IUP [3 PCS]
32 Ekonomi Politik Pariwisata dalam Hubungan Internasional SPB2432 Political Economy of Tourism in International Relations SPB2432IUP [3 IPED]
33 Politik Kerja Sama Internasional SPB2433 Politics of International Cooperation SPB2433IUP [3 IPED]
34 Politik Perubahan Lingkungan Hidup Global SPB2434 Politics of Global Environmental Change SPB2434IUP [3 IPED]
Total Credits 24
Semester 5
No. Regular Program  International Program Credits
Courses Code Courses Code
35 Metode Riset Hubungan Internasional (Lanjutan) SPB2313 Research Methods in International Relations (Advanced) SPB2313IUP 3
36 Kekerasan dalam Politik Dunia SPB3535 Violence in World Politics SPB3535IUP [3 GPS]
37 Transnasionalisme dalam Politik Dunia SPB3536 Transnationalism in World Politics SPB3536IUP [3 GPS]
38 Gender dan Politik SPB3537 Gender and Politics SPB3537IUP [3 GPS]
36 Aksi-aksi Humaniter SPB3538 Humanitarian Actions SPB3538IUP [3 PCS]
37 Konflik Etnik SPB3539 Ethnic Conflict SPB3539IUP [3 PCS]
38 Pengantar Studi Demokrasi SPB3540 Introduction to Democracy Studies SPB3540IUP [3 PCS]
36 Politik Investasi dan Perusahaan Multinasional SPB3541 Politics of Investment and Multinational Corporations SPB3541IUP [3 IPED]
37 Politik Perdagangan Internasional SPB3542 Politics of International Trade SPB3542IUP [3 IPED]
38 Korupsi Politik sebagai Isu Global SPB3543 Political Corruption in Global Context SPB3543IUP [3 IPED]
39 Mata kuliah lintaskonsentrasi 1 Elective: Cross- concentration 1 3
40 Mata kuliah lintaskonsentrasi 2 Elective: Cross- concentration 2 3
41 Mata kuliah lintaskonsentrasi 3 Elective: Cross- concentration 3 3
42 Mata kuliah lintas departemen/fakultas 1 Independent Study A SPB3516IUP 3
Total Credits 24
Semester 6
No. Regular Program International Program Credits
Courses Code Courses Code
43 Mata kuliah lintaskonsentrasi 4 Elective: Cross- concentration 4 3
44 Mata kuliah lintaskonsentrasi 5 Elective: Cross- concentration 5 3
45 Mata kuliah lintaskonsentrasi 6 Elective: Cross- concentration 6 3
46 Mata kuliah lintas departemen/fakultas 2 Elective: Cross- department/faculty 3
47 Studi Independen SPB3516 Independent Study B SPB3616IUP 3
Total Credits 15
Semester 7
No. Regular Program International Program Credits
Courses Code Courses Code
48 Kuliah Kerja Nyata UNU5000 Community Development Program UNU5000 3
49 Skripsi UNU6000 Undergraduate Thesis UNU6000 6
Total Credits 9

Area Studies Elective Courses

Semester 3
No. Regular Program International Program Credits
Courses Code Courses Code
1 State Formation di Afrika SPB2344 State Formation in Africa SPB2344IUP 3
2 State Formation di Asia Selatan SPB2345 State Formation in South Asia SPB2345IUP 3
3 Politik Luar Negeri Australia SPB2346 Australian Foreign Policy SPB2346IUP 3
4 Politik Luar Negeri Amerika Serikat: Pengantar SPB2347 American Foreign Policy: An Introduction SPB2347IUP 3
5 Kerja Sama Keamanan di ASEAN SPB2348 Security Cooperation in ASEAN SPB2348IUP 3
6 Politik, Masyarakat, dan Budaya Jepang SPB2349 Japanese Politics, Society, and Culture SPB2349IUP 3
7 Hubungan Internasional Cina di Abad ke-21 SPB2350 China’s International Relations in the 21st Century SPB2350IUP 3
8 Hubungan Internasional Timur Tengah SPB2351 International Relations of the Middle East SPB2351IUP 3
9 Hubungan Internasional Eropa SPB2352 International Relations of Europe SPB2352IUP 3


Semester 4
No. Regular Program International Program Credits
Courses Code Courses Code
1 Pembangunan Ekonomi di Afrika SPB2353 Economic Development in Africa SPB2353IUP 3
2 Agama dan Politik di Asia Selatan SPB2354 Religion and Politics in South Asia SPB2354IUP 3
3 Hubungan Indonesia- Australia SPB2355 Australia-Indonesia Relations SPB2355IUP 3
4 The Making of Latin America SPB2356 The Making of Latin America SPB2356IUP 3
5 Kerja Sama Ekonomi di ASEAN SPB2357 Economic Cooperation in ASEAN SPB2357IUP 3
6 Ekonomi Politik dan Hubungan Internasional Jepang SPB2358 Japanese Political Economy and International Relations SPB2358IUP 3
7 Politik di Timur Tengah SPB2359 Politics in the Middle East SPB2359IUP 3
8 Politik di Eropa SPB2360 Politics in Europe SPB2360IUP 3