The Development of Brazilian Military Power During the Democracy Era: Motives and Challenges

Title The Development of Brazilian Military Power During the Democracy Era: Motives and Challenges
Author(s) Anindya Anggiyasti
Dr. Dafri Agussalim, MA
Areas of Interest
Publisher Universitas Gadjah Mada
Publishing Year 2015
Publishing Place Yogyakarta
Abstract/Notes Brazil as one of the developing countries in the area of South America has been good to show its existence to the world. This is evident from some of the developments that materialized in the country. The development includes a number of aspects, which are economy, industry, military, and others. Of some aspects which have been mentioned earlier, there is one that is interesting to be discussed later, the Brazilian military. Brazilian military condition is what will be the main focus in the writing of this thesis. By looking at the condition of Brazil's military today it can be said that the military is one of the aspects that received special attention by the Brazilian Government. Seen any significant growth to the development of Brazil's own military. When compared to other countries in the military developments in particular area of South America, Brazil looks to be the only country that has the most powerful military among others. It was also proven by Brazil enters as the top 10 which has the most powerful war fleet in the world. Regime change experienced by Brazil is not making Brazil experiencing weakness. Almost 21 years Brazil was under military regime increasingly makes Brazil can strengthen all aspects of the country, one of them through the military. The existence of a strong military dominance in the government of Brazil to become its own interest for me as a writer to know more clearly. It originated from the process of transition in the government of Brazil from the military regime into a democratic regime. The power of the military system in Brazil is certainly very visible to seen during this era. Therefore this will be the outline that will be described in this thesis. Then it will proceed through the explanation of the factors that the reason behind the development of the military.
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