Atin Prabandari, MA


Humanitarianism in World Politics

Refugees and Forced Migration Studies

Education Background

S.I.P dalam Ilmu Hubungan Internasional (Universitas Gadjah Mada, 2005)

Master of Arts in International Relations (Australian National University, 2010)

Ph.D Candidate in International Relations (The University of Queensland)

Teaching & Academic Activities



Tradition and International Relations: Alternative Conflict Resolution through ‘Masyarakat Adat’ Initiative in the Border Dispute Settlement between Indonesia and Timor Leste (in collaboration with Universidade da Paz (Timor Leste), Nusa Cendana University (Kupang, Indonesia) and National University Singapore) (2018)

Diplomasi Kemanusiaan: Konsep, Perdebatan, dan Isu-Isu Kontemporer (2018)

Geo-literacy: North Sulawesi as Maritime Frontier. [2017].

Protecting Border, Maintaining Order, Managing Others: Government  Practices and  Narratives on  Refugees  and  Asylum Seekers in Indonesia (2016)

Arguing  in  International  Relations:  the  emergence  of humanitarian  initiative  in  multilateral nuclear  disarmament process Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM (2016)

What  Future  for  United  States  Foreign  Policy  under  New Administration? Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM (2016)

Indonesia  and  Second  Track  Diplomacy  in  Dealing  with  South China Sea Conflict: Evaluation and Future RecommendationMinistry of Foreign Affairs, The Republic of Indonesia and  Southeast Asia Social Studies Center UGM (2015)

Marginalizing  the  Marginalized:  A  Case  Study  of  Resilience Community in the Glagaharjo Village Post 2010 Merapi Eruption RESPECT  (Revitalizing  and  Enriching  Society  through  Pluralism, Equity and Cultural  transformation) Project, University of Osaka and Universitas Gadjah Mada (2015)

The Role of Human Rights NGO in ASEAN Regionalism: The Case of Indonesia ASEAN Studies Center UGM (2014)

The  Politics  of  Non-Government  Organizations’  Involvement  in ASEAN: An Indonesian Perspective ASEAN Studies Center UGM (2014)

Regional Mechanism on Humanitarian Governance in Southeast Asia, Department of International Relations UGM (2014)


Is Makassar a ‘Sanctuary City’? Migration Governance in Indonesia After the ‘Local Turn’. [2018].

‘Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia; Why Indonesia Matters?’* Strategic Review, The Indonesian Journal of Leadership, Policy and World Affiars. [2016].

The Connecting Issue of Asylum Seekers and Irregular Migrants in Southeast Asia. [2016].

Pemilihan Presiden Tahun 2016 dan Politik Luar Negeri Amerika Serikat (2016)



Indonesia and UN Peacekeeping Mission: Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Perspectives (2017)

Diplomasi Stakeholders Kiprah Aktor Non-Negara dalam Politik Regionalisme ASEAN. [2016].

Diplomasi Stakeholder: Kiprah Aktor Non-Negara dalam Politik Regionalisme Asean. [2016].


Enhancing the Bond: Narratives of Indonesian Academics from Two Continentss. [2018].

Human  Rights  Movements:  Activism  and  Institutionalization  in ASEAN  in  Stakeholders  Diplomacy: Non-State Actors  and ASEAN Regionalism (2017)

The  Question  of  Order  Justice  in  Truth  and  Reconciliation Commission in Peace-building in Post-Conflict Societies (2017)

Emerging  Powers’  Humanitarian  Diplomacy,  Learning  from Brazil And China in Emerging Powers’ Diplomacy (2017)


Presenter at Research Days Fisipol UGM 2018. [2018].

Peace Camp: Pencegahan dan Penanganan Kekerasan berbasis Gender di Kampus untuk Mahasiswa. [2018].

Penyuluhan Bank Sampah di Dusun Ngabean Desa Triharjo, Pandak, Bantul. [2018].

Internasionalisasi Gunung Kidul. [2017].