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Two UGM academics to attend 2017 Nobel Prize award ceremony

Dilansir dari Jakarta Post pada tanggal 8 Desember 2017

Penulis: Bambang Muryanto


Muhadi Sugiono and Yunizar Adiputera, two lecturers from Gadjah Mada University’s School of International Relations, have been invited to attend the 2017 Nobel Prize award ceremony in Oslo, Norway, scheduled for Sunday local time.

They will represent the Institute of International Studies, the official Indonesian partner of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

“The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize [to ICAN] is an acknowledgment of its extraordinary achievements, that, for 72 years, had never been achieved by the international community. In the last three years, ICAN has been successful in convincing UN member countries that we face a major problem as long as nuclear weapons still exist,” said Muhadi.

He said ICAN, based in Switzerland, was a global campaign coalition with members comprising civil society groups and non-state organizations operating in more than 100 countries. The organization, which has actively campaigned for the eradication of nuclear weapons since 2013, was announced as the recipient of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize on Oct.6.

ICAN has been considered successful in addressing the absence of international agreements that prohibit nuclear weapons. Before the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was adopted by the UN in 2017, nuclear weapons were the only weapons of mass destruction that had not yet been prohibited under international law.

Muhadi and Yunizar have consistently called on the Indonesian government to ratify the treaty.

To receive the award, ICAN director Beatrice Fihn will be accompanied by Setsuko Thurow, a survivor of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb. (vla/ebf)

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