Drs. Muhadi Sugiono, MA

Kategori Kajian

  • AMEURO : The Americas and Europe
  • Global Politics and Security

Education Background

Drs. dalam Ilmu Hubungan Internasional (Universitas Gadjah Mada)

Master of Arts in International Relations (Australian National University)

Ph.D Candidate in Globalization Studies and Humanitarian Action (University of Groningen)

Teaching & Academic Activities

Undergraduate Program
  1. Hubungan Internasional di Eropa
  2. Studi Kawasan AMEURO
  3. Teori Politik Internasional
  4. Metode Riset Hubungan Internasional 1
International Undergraduate Program
  1. Research Methods in International Relations (adv) 
  2. Area Studies: AMEURO
  3. International Relations Of Europe
  4. Research Methods In I.R. (Basic)
Graduate program  


1. Women and Local Conflict Resolution in Mollo, NTT, supported by CaRED Program, funded by New Zealand Aid 2017 – 2015
2. Southeast Asian: Trajectory of Integration, Dynamics of Exclusion,  funded by FP7, the European Union 2013
3. International Policy Framework for Building Disaster Resilient Community: Linking Resilience with Development, supported by Osaka University 2013
4. Kekuatan Normatif dalam Hubungan Internasional (Normative Power in International Relations), independent research, supported by the Department of International Relations UGM 2012
5. Diplomasi dan Intervensi Kemanusiaan di Libya (Diplomacy and  Humanitarian Intervention), supported by the Department of  International Relations UGM 2012
6. Building a Resilient Society, supported by the Institute of International Studies, Departmentof International Relations UGM 2012
7. Mapping Human Rights, Peace and Conflict Curriculum in the Higher Education Institutions in Southeast Asia, collaborative research, supported by Open Society Institute 2012