Dr. Poppy Sulistyaning Winanti

Kategori Kajian

  • ASPAC : East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Pacific
  • Political Economy and Development

Education Background

S.IP equivalent to B.A (Universitas Gadjah Mada)

MPP in International Relations (Korea Development Institute)

MSc in Politics of the World Economy (London School of Economics and Political Science)

PhD in Political science (University of Glasgow)

Teaching & Academic Activities

Undergraduate Program
  1. Ekonomi Politik Internasional
  2. Politics of International Trade


International Undergraduate Program
  1. Independent Study 1: Seminar (IPE)
  2. International Political Economy
  3. Politics of International Trade


Graduate program  Sistem Hak Kekayaan Intelektual Internasional



Analisis Mata Rantai Industri Kelapa Sawit dan Distorsi Harga untuk Petani Swadaya di Indonesia (2018)

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Sektor Jasa Indonesia Menghadapi Tantangan Global: Peta Permasalahan dan Isu Strategis (2017)

Indeks Daya Saing Sektor Jasa Indonesia di 34 Provinsi (2017)

Pseudo Resource Nationalism: Explaining Indonesia’s Approach to Foreign Investment in Mining Industry (2017)

Paradigmn Shift in International Economic Law Rule-Making (2017)

Extractive Industry, Policy Innovations and Civil Society Movement in Southeast Asia: An
Introduction (2017)

How far can Indonesia Go? Utilizing TSIA on the would-be TPP Impact for Indonesia (2017)


The ‘Bandung Spirit’ and Solidarist Internationallism. (2016)

Towards an Integrated Aid for Trade and Trade Facilitation Framework: Logistics Management Reform in Indonesia. (2016)


Poppy S. Winanti & Muhammad Rum (Eds.). (2018) 50 Years of Amity and Enmity: The Politics of ASEAN Coorperation, Yogyakarta: UGM. Press ISBN: 978-602-386-292-4

Extractive Industry, Policy Innovations and Civil Society Movement in Southeast: Introduction. (2017)

Corporate Power in Global Economic Institutions: the Case Studies of the MAI and the TRIPs Agreement. (2012)


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Value Chain Governance in Export Commodities: the Case of Indonesia. (2014)

Ekspansi Global Industri Farmasi India. (2013)


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