Dr. Eric Hiariej

Kategori Kajian

  • AMEURO : The Americas and Europe
  • Peace and Conflict Studies

Education Background

S.IP equivalent to B.A (Universitas Gadjah Mada)

Master of Philosophy in Political Science and International Relations (Australian National University)

PhD in Political Science and International Relations (Australian National University, 2009)

Teaching & Academic Activities


1. Penerapan FPIC terhadap Masyarakat Talang Mamak dan Melayu Tua dalam Proyek Konservasi Lahan WWF (The Implementation of FPIC On Talang Mamak and Melayu Tua Communities), sponsored by WWF 2017
2. Beyond Liberal Politics of Recognition: Bringing Indigenous Rights Movements Into Democratic Framework of Public Policy; sponsored by Fisipol Universitas Gadjah Mada 2015
3. Islamic Fundamentalism in Indonesia and the Struggle for Citizenship; sponsored by Norwegian Government The Formation of Palm Oil Justice Movements, sponsored by Norwegian Government 2014 – 2016
4. The Politics of Citizenship in Indonesia 2014-2017
5. The Islamic Fundamentalism and the Problem of Democracy in Indonesia; sponsored by Dikti 2014
6. Baseline Survey on Democracy in Indonesia; Sponsored by Norwegian Government 2013-2015
7. Power, Welfare and Democracy; sponsored by Norwegian Government 2013-2017
8. Building Disaster Resilient Community; sponsored by Japanese government 2013-2017
9. From Clientelism to Citizenship; Sponsored by KNAW/Netherlands Government 2012-2016
10. Survey on Social Cohesion / Provision of Strengthening Social Cohesion for Sustainable Development Program (SSCSDP); sponsored by UNDP 2012
1. Politics of Citizenship in Indonesia 2017
2. Stagnated Democracy: The Rise of Formal Democracy in the Wake of Oligarchy Rules and Weak Pro-Democracy Movements 2017
3. Indonesian Politics and Citizenship in Historical Perspective 2017
4. Post-Fundamentalist Islamism and the Politics of Citizenship in Indonesia 2017
5. Sejarah Politik Kewargaan di Indonesia: Politik Pengakuan, Politik Redistribusi Kesejahteraan and Politik Representasi (The History of Citizenship Politics in Indonesia: The Politics of recognition, Welfare Redistribution, and Representation) 2016
6. The Rise of Post-Clientelism In Indonesia 2015
7. Democratic Institutions: From Good Governance to Vibrant CSOs 2015
8. Moralisasi, Estetisasi Politik dan Populisme: Masalah-masalah Demokrasi Indonesia (Moralization, Aestheticization of Politics, and Populism: Problems of Democracy in Indonesia) 2014
9. Globalisasi, Kapitalisme dan Perlawanan (Globalisation, Capitalism and Resistance) 2013