Credit System

To finish the Undergraduate Program, students need to earn a total of 144 Credit Points (CP) consisted of: The 42 courses are expected to be taken throughout 7 semesters, averaging 6-8 courses for each semester. The University Basic General Courses will all be assigned on the first semester. The Social Empowerment will be carried on in-between the academic semester while for International Exposure program will be held on in fifth



Grading Systems at International Relations Department, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada.

All courses taught in English, grades are awarded on scale from A to E.

A: Very Good

B: Good

C: Fair

D: Not Enough

E: Failed


Grades at Fisipol UGM are based upon 4,00 point scale.

A: 4,00 C+ : 2,25
A- : 3,75 C : 2,00
A/B : 3,50 C- : 1,75
B+ :3,25 C/D : 1,5
B : 3,00 D+ : 1,25
B- : 2,75 D : 1,00
B/C : 2,5 E : 0,00