Winning Elections: Lessons From Australian Labor Party 1983 – 1996

Winning Elections: Lessons From Australian Labor Party 1983 – 1996




Dafri Agussalim

Tahun Terbit

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Description :

The performance of Australian Labor Party (ALP) in Australian Politics between 1983-1996 was so phenomenal. While many other Labor Parties in the world, like in New Zealand, England and Canada, in this period failed to assume power (to win national election) in their respective country, Australian Labor Party successfully won respectively five federal elections in Australia.
This book assesses the variety of strategic and management practice adopted by the Hawke and Keating governments in relation to their efforts to win and maintain office for as long as possible. Why and how the Australian Labor Party under Hawke and Keating practiced those strategies and management which made them so successfull, is a central question for this book. To what extent these constitute successes, particularly in relation to the internal affairs and the future of the Australian Labor Party, is another important question which is going to be answered.
Is it the argument of this book that what distinguishes the Australian Labor Party in the 1983-1996 and before, is not merely the record of electoral success, but more important, that a transformation appears to be as a more professional and pragmatic political party which has produced, for the first time, the Labor Party as the “natural” party of government.